Avoid Parking Tickets

An app that reminds you to move your car before street cleaning.
Never get a ticket again.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Street Cleaning Parking?

Street Cleaning Parking is an app that reminds you to move your car before you get ticket. It is available for iOS and only in San Francisco.

How does Street Cleaning in San Francisco work?

San Francisco Public Works is the department in charge of cleaning the streets. Depending on the street they would do it daily, weekly or biweekly. During cleaning hours, residents must move their cars.

How does the app work?

The app uses your parked location to determine the street cleaning schedule and sends you notifications to move it in time.

Are the cleaning schedules accurate?

We use data published by the city of San Francisco to determine cleaning schedules and regularly check for updates.

How much is a Street Cleaning Ticket in San Francisco?

In 2024, a street cleaning citation costs $91. There has been an increase on the cost on a yearly basis, in 2018, it was $73.

Who built this?

We are a couple that got fed up with getting street cleaning tickets. Because we share a car, we wanted to make it easy to share between us the car parking location and to get reminders to move the car in time. That's how the idea for the app came about. Whether you are by yourself or sharing a car with someone else, we hope this app helps you avoid tickets too!

Is there a free trial?

Yes, we offer 7-day free trial to help you test the accuracy of the schedules and how useful it is for you.

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